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Transport options

We are now centrally located in the beautiful Ozarks of Missouri


Where there's a will, there's a way!  That's how we feel about helping you get a puppy from us.  We don't want our location to hinder you, if you want to buy from us. We try hard to find an affordable and safe way to get your puppy to you.  We recommend and invite you to travel to our home and meet us and our doggie family in person. Most people are driving to our home or flying to Springfield airport which is just under 80 miles/1-1/2 hrs from our home.  We are happy to meet you at the airport for a travel fee of $150, as long as the timing works out for both of us.  If driving here, we are happy to help you with the logistics.


Car rentals are available to/from Springfield airport and might be an affordable option for same day rental. I've seen rates as low as $38 for same day return. 


We offer different transport options and the fee will depend on the method, distance and other factors.  Prices currently start at $300 for ground transport. We offer pick up in Colorado for most litters.  Inquire for availability.


If there is a single puppy or only a few puppies to transport, fees will most likely be greater. We might fly them in-cabin by air, personally delivered - not shipped in cargo. The most affordable option is normally for you to fly in and out the same day and have us meet you at the airport (a trip charge might apply).  We might be able to transport for you to Colorado for the starting cost of a non-stop round trip airfare out of Springfield airport.  When the puppy is flying, there are a few extra expenses such as: a puppy airline ticket (~$95-150) health certificate, travel bag, etc., as well as our trip charge to Springfield (see above). Keep that in mind as you are pricing the airfare.

Here's a new option we are testing out for a more affordable option for a single puppy: meeting around Salina, KS.

We are exploring other transport options, as we realize not everyone is able to come to our location. This is a work in progress and we are open to your suggestions.  In addition, we are beginning to work with other people who have been able to transport for us along the I-70 corridor between Missouri and Colorado.  These are mainly other dog show exhibitors who are coming home from a dog show somewhere else in the country.  Fees will vary depending on what they charge and where we are able to meet them. We hope to connect with more of these people to offer more transport options to more locations.  We like to travel and might be able to transport personally to your location, if you want to pay some of our expenses. :)  Let us know where you live and maybe we'll find a transport option for you!


If you are not able to pick up your puppy the week s/he is available, there may be a boarding/training fee (currently $5 per day) through the travel day, in addition to the transport fee.

Airlines for in-cabin travel

The information below was current when posted.  Visit each website for the most up-to-date info.

  1. Four airlines serve Springfield-Branson National Airport, (not to be confused with Branson Airport below) and all offer in-cabin flights:
    • American Airlines

    • Allegiant Airlines

    • Delta

    • United

  2. Branson Airport is over 2 hrs away and ~125 miles from our house. Check out their website to see if they have a good option for travel from your area.
  3. St. Louis Lambert International Airport offers many options, but that is ~175 miles and 3 hrs away, but they might have lower fares. Consider renting a car to/from the airport and having a long but more affordable day trip.

Airlines for cargo transport

We do not ship puppies at this time.  It is something we might consider in the future however. As of October, 2022, only two airlines offer this option to my knowledge:

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