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Sales Process and Deposit Policy

Deposit Status (Deposits that have already been placed)

We breed for ourselves and look for our next show prospect from each litter, striving to improve the breed which each generation.  "Available puppies" are those we decide to offer to pet homes.  They are first offered to those who have already submitted a deposit. We do not require deposits unless you want to reserve a puppy.  If we get to the bottom of our Deposit List and still have puppies available (this happens often), they will be offered to those who are a good match and have submitted a Puppy Application that has been approved by us. Please download and read our Deposit Agreement below for more information.

Please see Puppies for Sale page for current prices.

Steps for placing a deposit:

  • Submit a Puppy Application, if you have not already done so
  • Be sure you have received an email from us saying your Puppy Application has been approved
  • Read the most updated version of the Deposit Agreement linked below
  • Click here to download the latest Deposit Agreement
  • Read, ask questions if you have them, initial, sign, and return it to us. Email is fine.
  • Submit the deposit through PayPal by clicking the Buy Now button below (a fee is normally charged by PayPal when using the Buy Now button below) or by sending money through the PayPal website/app to If you prefer to mail a check, please inquire for our mailing address.  Other payment options for the deposit (cash required for puppy pickup) might be available upon request.
  • Your deposit will be complete after we receive both the $200 deposit and also the initialed and signed Deposit Agreement. Once we receive both, we will process your deposit and email you a receipt. Sometimes it takes a few days to process, but it will have the date stamp of the day we received both of the above items. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


Below you can see who has submitted a deposit and what they are looking for.

Please remember, that we the breeders have the first picks of all litters and not all puppies in the litter will be offered as pets.

Q. How long do you think it will take for me to get a puppy if I place a deposit?

A. We have been able to provide puppies sometimes days or weeks of someone placing a deposit. Read what the people below are looking for as well as their preferred time frame and compare it to the puppies we have/will have in the future. Most people who are somewhat flexible have received a puppy within one year.  We don't know what the future holds so the short answer is "I don't know." Please only consider placing a deposit if you are flexible on time and are comfortable signing our Deposit Agreement.

Table below is viewed best on a computer.

Refresh your browser for the most recent updates to the list below.

People with an asterisks* by their name are hoping there will be a good match from our current litter.

Deposit List
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