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Sales Process and Deposit Policy

Deposit Status (Deposits that have already been placed)

We breed for ourselves and look for our next show prospect from each litter, striving to improve the breed which each generation.  Available puppies are those we decide to offer to pet homes.  They are first offered to those who have already submitted a deposit. We do not require deposits unless you want to reserve a puppy.  If we get to the bottom of our Deposit List and still have puppies available (this happens often), they will be offered to those who are a good match and have submitted a Puppy Application that has been approved by us. Please download and read our Deposit Agreement below for more information.


Li’l Promised Land LLC
Deposit Agreement

Download latest version at the link below

The following policy is written with the understanding that "available puppies" are those the Breeder has chosen to sell as pets and might not include all those born in a litter. Prior to sending a deposit, interested buyers must submit a Puppy Application for approval.
It is best to wait to submit a deposit until we have completed our puppy evaluations and announced which puppies will be available. This normally happens between 8 and 12 weeks of age. We, the breeders always have first pick of all litters. We have the right to keep any and all puppies, if we so choose. In addition, if there is a puppy that looks promising as a show prospect, we have the right to reserve it for those looking for pups with show potential. Between 8 and 12 weeks of age is normally when we will decide which puppies:

1. We will keep for ourselves
2. Will be set aside to evaluate as show prospects
3. Will be offered as pets


Waiting will help avoid falling in love with a puppy that might end up unavailable. Please do not buy a puppy on impulse! The perfect puppy is worth waiting for.

With that being said, it is not unusual for future litters to be "sold out" with early deposits being placed, sometimes before a mom has even been bred. These are placed by the people who have chosen us as their breeder, because they feel good about how we raise our puppies. They feel that the care we put into our puppies makes a big enough difference to be worth waiting for. They are normally flexible on the puppy they get and the time frame, with personality being the most important factor. It is mainly for these people, that we implemented the following policies. This situation isn't for everyone. Please read below carefully and ask any questions before sending a deposit.

A non-refundable $200 deposit will reserve your spot in line to pick a puppy and will be applied to the purchase price. Those interested in sending us a deposit, must fill out a Puppy Application for approval. DO NOT send us a deposit unless we have approved your application, or it will be returned, at your expense.

This deposit is not being applied to one specific puppy, but will allow the Buyer to secure his/her place in line to choose a puppy once our evaluation period is over and available puppies have been announced. Litters may be sold out months in advance. By placing a non-refundable deposit, buyer is assured a place in line, to purchase a puppy from us within a one year time frame, as long as a suitable match is available. A suitable match is determined by the information you provide on your Puppy Application, the preferences listed at the end of this form, and any additional communication we may have with each other in writing and verbally. You are welcome to change your preferences before puppies are available. Once we start going down the list, we will look for a good match based on the preferences listed on the Deposit page. If we offer you a puppy that we feel is a good match based on our previous communication, including your preferred time frame and you decide to pass on purchasing him/her, we reserve the right to move you to the end of the line. If the one year mark comes and you have passed on a suitable puppy more than once, we may remove you from the list and your deposit may be forfeited.

If the end of the term comes and we have been unable to provide you with a suitable match, we may refund your deposit. If Breeder agrees, Buyer may choose to renew the deposit agreement for another term. If renewed, the terms of the latest Deposit Agreement and current puppy price will be applied. We, the breeders have the right to refund your deposit instead of applying it to a future litter. This decision will be made at our discretion. In general all deposits are non-refundable. _______________ (Initial)


The deposit will be applied to the purchase price of the puppy and determines the picking order. The first deposit we receive will have the first pick, (after the breeder picks), second deposit will have second pick, etc. If the current litter is sold out, or a suitable match is not available in the current litter, the deposit will be applied to a future litter. If there are already deposits on the litter you have been moved to, you will fall in line in the order deposits were received. (See Deposit Status on our website for people who have already placed deposits.) The final decision as to whether or not a suitable puppy is available will be made at our discretion based on the information provided by you in the Puppy Application, your preferences listed below, as well as ongoing communication between us. _______________ (Initial)
We, the breeders always have first pick of all litters. We have the right to keep any and all puppies, if we choose to. In addition, if there is a puppy that looks promising as a show prospect, we have the right to reserve it for those looking for pups with show potential. _______________ (Initial)

In the Puppy Application, you will state your puppy preferences such as size, color, sex, coat, and personality type. It is to your advantage to be flexible, in order to have a puppy sooner. However, if a certain trait is very important and you are willing to wait for a different litter, in order to have this trait, be sure to specify this. We want each of our people to have a wonderful puppy. We will work together with you to accomplish that goal. We evaluate and really get to know our puppies, to help match each one with the perfect person.
When we feel the time is right, normally between 8-12 weeks old, you will pick your puppy, in the order that we received your deposit. Those who have placed deposits will be notified in advance of the date when the selections will take place. We will do our best to work around schedules, but in general selections will take place on the weekend.

The person in first place should plan to select their puppy early in the day, so those next in line next will be able to come the same day. With our weekly updates, and ongoing pictures and videos, you will feel like you are getting to know the puppies, over the weeks before the selections. We are happy to help guide you in choosing your puppy, since we get to know them very well.
Please note: on selection day, only available puppies may be viewed. Puppies that look promising as show prospects and/or those reserved by someone else may be put aside in a different room, so you don't get attached to one that is not available. It is possible that at a later time, a puppy being evaluated as a show prospect might be offered to a pet home._____ (Initial)

More often than not in recent years, one puppy at a time is offered for sale while we continue evaluating the others. When there is a puppy we decide to make available, we will go down the Deposit list contacting those people we feel would be a suitable match. For example, if you are waiting for a smooth coat male, and a smooth coat female is available, we will not contact you about the female puppy. If you are listed as “flexible”, you will be contacted. If there is a smooth coat female available but we don’t feel she is a good match for your situation, we will let you know that we feel you should pass. Maybe she needs to be an only dog and you have other dogs at home.

If you have placed a deposit, we expect you to be ready to bring home a puppy by the time the puppies are 8 weeks of age, unless you have previously told us that you prefer a future time frame. This should be listed under your preferences on the Deposit page. This applies even if you are at the very end of the list.

I will contact you shortly after a litter is born and ask if you will be ready for a puppy around the 8 week mark, if there ends up being a good match for you. Your timely response is important. I understand that circumstances change and the timing might not be right for you to bring home a new puppy on the date it will be ready. Please reply promptly. If I do not hear back from you within 3 business days, I will assume you want to forfeit your deposit and you may be removed from the Deposit list. __________ (Initial)

Once we decide to offer a puppy, we like to place it in his/her new home within a few days, if it is older than 8 weeks. Have your major supplies and equipment on hand (see Checklist on our website), money saved, and be ready to pick up, when the announcement is made. If you will be traveling to pick up, we understand that extra time may be needed. However, don’t wait until a puppy is announced as available before you start saving your money or making plans. Once we offer you a puppy, we’ll need to know your decision/answer within 48 hours of it being offered. Other people on the list are usually eagerly waiting to hear if a puppy will be available for them, so everyone appreciates a timely response. If we don’t hear from you within 48 hours, we will go ahead and offer it to the next person on the list. We can be flexible on the exact pick up day to accommodate both of our schedules, but if you need us to keep the puppy for an extended number of days, after it is available to leave our home, we may charge a boarding fee.

We do not refund deposits if you change your mind, purchase a puppy elsewhere, run out of money, have other hardships, etc. You need to be 100% ready to commit before sending a deposit. If you are uncomfortable with this policy, please do not send a deposit. If you break your commitment, your deposit will be forfeited. _______________ (Initial)
These terms are subject to change.

Deposits may be made via: PayPal to (buyer is responsible for any PayPal fees), or personal check payable to Li’l Promised Land LLC, at Breeder’s discretion. Contact us for our mailing address. CASH is the only accepted method of payment for balance due when you pick up a puppy. Picking order is determined by the date and time of day we receive your deposit and this initialed and signed form. If multiple deposits arrive on the same day, picking order will be determined by the breeder based on postmarks, date of check, PayPal time stamp, our prior communication, etc.

This deposit will be applied towards the purchase price of a future Chihuahua. Please check the website or contact us for our current price. Prices are subject to change.

Please see Puppies for Sale page for current prices.

Steps for placing a deposit:

  • Submit a Puppy Application, if you have not already done so
  • Be sure you have received an email from us saying your Puppy Application has been approved
  • Read the most updated version of the Deposit Agreement linked below
  • Click here to download the latest Deposit Agreement
  • read, ask questions if you have them, initial, sign, and return it to us. Email is fine.
  • Submit the deposit through PayPal by clicking the Buy Now button below (a fee is normally charged by PayPal when using the Buy Now button below) or by sending money through the PayPal website/app to If you prefer to mail a check, please inquire for our mailing address.  Other payment options for the deposit (cash required for puppy pickup) might be available upon request.
  • Your deposit will be complete after we receive both the $200 deposit and also the initialed and signed Deposit Agreement. Once we receive both, we will process your deposit and email you a receipt. Sometimes it takes a few days to process, but it will have the date stamp of the day we received both of the above items. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.


Below you can see who has submitted a deposit and what they are looking for.

Please remember, that we the breeders have the first picks of all litters and not all puppies in the litter will be offered as pets.

Q. How long do you think it will take for me to get a puppy if I place a deposit?

A. We have been able to provide puppies sometimes days or weeks of someone placing a deposit. Read what the people below are looking for as well as their preferred time frame and compare it to the puppies we have/will have in the future. Most people who are somewhat flexible have received a puppy within one year.  We don't know what the future holds so the short answer is "I don't know." Please only consider placing a deposit if you are flexible on time and are comfortable signing our Deposit Agreement.

Table below is viewed best on a computer.

Refresh your browser for the most recent updates to the list below.

People with an asterisks* by their name are hoping there will be a good match from our current litter.

Deposit List
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