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Dairy Goats:

We have two Nubian does we milk. We test our Nubians for CAE and some are also tested (and will be tested in 2017) for CL and Johnes.

Limited shares might be available. Inquire if you are interested.

Kiko Goats:

We are raising Kiko goats including 100% New Zealand and Purebreds. We hope to have 2017 babies from both to sell. Our Kiko goats are tested for CL, CAE and Johnes. Most or all of our Kikos are/will be registered in the National Kiko Registry (NKR).

Goat babies/kids

We plan to breed our Kikos and our Nubians to a Kiko buck in 2016, so all our 2017 babies will be all or part Kiko.

Our plans might changed, but as of now, all 2017 Kiko babies will be dam raised and horns left on. Nubian x Kiko babies will either be dam raised or bottle raised, depending on how it goes and what we decide. We will disbud babies upon request but only after a non-refundable deposit has been given in advance (we normally disbud the first few days after birth).

Muscovy Ducks

We love our Muscovies! We raise regular Muscovy Ducks and will be adding French White Muscovy Ducks to our flock in September 2016. Regular Muscovies may be available to buy for $20 ea regardless of sex or age. We handle our babies and they are good foragers, so should make nice pets or producers.

We plan to have the French White Muscovy's to offer for sale in 2017


We have a small flock of happy chickens and will have farm fresh eggs for sale from time to time. We leave the "bloom" on our eggs, so they do not require refrigeration (they are unwashed).

$3.50/dozen Inquire for availability.

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